How To Play Dragon vs Tiger

Dragon Tiger is one of the best games from Evolution. A lot of players pay attention to this gameplay because of its unusual name. What is Dragon Tiger game? This is a card layout that is similar to baccarat in terms of its rules and appearance. The provider delivered compelling gameplay in high-quality design. Players are greeted by clear graphics and an excellent combination of colors.

Realistic gameplay offers to use chips and a deck of cards. Each win is announced by the dealer’s voice. The slot has a standard set of functions. There is no bonus rounds gameplay. New players will quickly figure out all the features. If you are interested in the question: how to play Dragon vs Tiger? You can quickly learn the rules thanks to a special scoreboard. Additional information on the scoreboard will allow you to create a strategy and assess your chances of success.

Play Dragon Tiger on computers and smartphones. The game easily adapts to any device. You can enjoy the gameplay anytime, anywhere. The slot has simple rules, colorful design, and dynamism. Each round lasts no more than a minute. Therefore, you can regularly receive income from the bet.

Cards and Table

Evolution follows modern technologies and releases games that are compatible with different devices. Dragons and tigers are used as decorative elements. You will see the table and the dealer after starting the slot machine. The provider has chosen black, red, and gold colors for the design of the slot machine. The playing field is interactive. You will not have any problems during the implementation of bets and the conduct of the game process. The game is fun and addictive thanks to easy controls, a pleasant dealer, and a comfortable atmosphere.

dragon and tiger

Don’t you know how to play Dragon Tiger game yet? Then you should know that the slot is a simplified version of baccarat. The previous experience of playing baccarat will allow you to quickly understand the Dragon Tiger slot. You must guess who is the owner of the highest card – a tiger or a dragon. An interactive playing field is used to place a bet. The player takes virtual chips and places them on the part of the field that corresponds to their bet. It could be:

  • Dragon;
  • Tiger;
  • Draw;
  • Single-suited draw.

Be sure to place your bet at the specified time. Each round starts automatically upon completion of the previous one. The game uses eight decks of cards without jokers. The highest card is the king, and the lowest card is the ace. You must understand the card values to understand the result of each round.

The Draw Rule In Dragon Tiger

The Dragon Tiger game offers different bets. You can make your choice in favor of a dragon or a tiger. However, the game offers other options as well. A bet in favor of a particular side will bring a payout of 1:1. A bet on a draw is considered the most profitable.

So, Dragon vs Tiger who wins? The probability of a tiger or a dragon winning is very common. Therefore, payouts for this type of bet involve a small percentage, namely 1:1. Betting on a draw is one of the best options. The Dragon Tiger game offers two types of draw bets. You have access to:

  • Normal draw. This option is relevant if two different cards with the same indicator fall out. The payout in this case will be 11 times your bet.
  • Single-suited draw. This option is relevant if the dealer gives two cards of the same suit and face value for a dragon and a tiger. The payout in this case will be 50 times your bet.

You will receive half of your bet if you bet on the tiger or the dragon, but there was a draw. Betting on a draw brings big wins, but the probability of such a combination falling out is very low. Therefore, betting on a draw is accompanied by a high risk.

How To Hack The Dragon Tiger Game

Do you want to learn how to win Dragon vs Tiger game? In this case, you need to learn about existing gameplay strategies. Professionals have created various tricks for structured, consistent and successful gameplay. The following Dragon Tiger game winning tricks are considered more popular:

  • Winning streak;
  • Trial board;
  • Rate hike.

Let’s look at each strategy in more detail. You will be able to understand the essence of each tactic and choose the best option for yourself.

Winning Streak

This strategy is based on a scoreboard that shows the results from a series of previous rounds. You can observe that when you win a box with a dragon, there is a high probability of winning the same box again. The same situation can be observed in boxing with a tiger. Therefore, you should bet on the opposite box after a series of wins for a particular side according to this strategy.

Trial Board

Dragon Tiger is not your typical video slot. Players will not come across free spins and bonus rounds in this game. You will see five scoreboards after starting the game. They will be relevant for gamers who decide to play with the help of a strategy. The tables provided help to analyze the performance of previous rounds. Such data allows you to make the right analysis and make the right bet. Use these Dragon vs Tiger tricks. They allow you to reduce the rate of lost bets.

Rate Hike

Are you looking for an answer to the question: how to hack Dragon vs Tiger game? In this case, pay attention to the following strategy. It is popular and is used in many gambling games. The peculiarity of the strategy lies in its versatility and effectiveness.

The essence of the «raise the bet» strategy is to double the bet size for the next round after each lost round. You must leave the bet size identical after each won round.

This strategy allows you to return lost funds for previous rounds and minimize the loss of personal funds. Strictly following the strategy will help you succeed in the Dragon Tiger game.

Summing Up

Dragon Tiger is one of the popular Evolution games. The gameplay offers simple rules, high-quality design, and high payout rates. The return rate of the Dragon Tiger slot is 96.27%. The rules of the Dragon Tiger game are very similar to baccarat, but at the same time, they have individual differences.

There are several effective strategies for playing the Dragon Tiger slot successfully. You must carefully study the rules of the gameplay and the conditions of each strategy. The full amount of information will allow customers to successfully conduct gameplay in comfortable conditions.

Questions & Answers

Where to play Dragon Tiger in India?

Players from India can play the Dragon Tiger game at the following online casinos: 4RaBet, BilBet, and MostBet. Internet sites offer high-quality gameplay. New players receive generous bonuses. 4RaBet gives a new customer a 700% first deposit bonus up to INR 90,000. BilBet Casino offers 108 free spins for the first replenishment of the game balance. The MostBet site gives new customers 34,500 Indian rupees and 250 free spins for registration.

Is it possible to win real money in Dragon Tiger using strategies?

Yes, it is. The described strategies have been tested by experts and carefully worked out. They showed good results, so they can be used for successful gameplay.

How many cards are there in the Dragon Tiger game?

The gameplay uses a standard deck of 52 cards. The rules are simple. You bet on a tiger, a dragon, or a draw. The box with the highest value card wins.