Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon Tiger is a popular board game from Evolution. The game is very similar to Baccarat. The slot has a high return rate. The RTP is 96.2%. The Dragon Tiger game is popular due to its simple rules and frequent wins. Players from India actively use the slot for leisure activities. The Dragon Tiger real cash game will allow you to get winnings with the right strategy.

The game uses a standard deck of 52 cards. The highest card is called the king and the youngest is the ace. Gameplay participants place bets on a box with a dragon or a tiger. Winnings are received by users in case of a correct prediction regarding the winning box (with a large card denomination). There are cases of a draw. The payout in the case of a draw is 11:1. A bet on a winning box brings the player a win x2.

The Best Casinos To Play Dragon Tiger In India

Players from India can play the slot Dragon Tiger at the following popular and trusted online casinos:

  • 4RaBet;
  • BilBet;
  • MostBet.

The above online casinos offer customers:

  • quality service;
  • the game library of original software;
  • generous bonuses.

You can play the Dragon Tiger game online on one of the above-mentioned websites. They provide participants with fair and transparent gameplay.

These online casinos give new customers generous bonuses:

  • You will receive a generous welcome promotion at 4RaBet Casino. The site offers a 700% bonus on the first deposits (up to INR 90,000).
  • BilBet casino customers receive 108 free spins after registration and replenishment of the game balance.
  • MostBet Casino is giving new users up to INR 34,500 and 250 free spins.

The Dragon Tiger online casino is available to players from India for real bets. Choose a portal and enjoy the gameplay.

Video review of the Dragon Tiger game in India

Dragon Tiger Game Rules

dragon tiger game

The game Dragon Tiger was invented in Cambodia. The rules of the game are similar to Baccarat. Dragon Tiger gained popularity due to simple rules, high rates of the mathematical probability of winning, and transparency of the gameplay. The slot is popular among beginner players from India and experienced gamers.

The rules of the best Dragon Tiger game are as follows:

  • The dealer uses eight decks of 52 cards each (jokers do not take part in the game).
  • The king is the strongest card and the ace is the weakest card. The rest of the cards have a standard face value.
  • Players place a bet in favor of one of the two fields (Tiger or Dragon).
  • The dealer deals one card to each field at the end of the betting time.
  • The player receives winnings under the condition of a correct guess.
  • A draw allows the gamer to return half the bet for the round.

Several betting options are available to customers in Dragon Tiger Online India. You can choose from the following options:

  • On the victory of the Tiger (you will receive x2 from the bet);
  • On the victory of the Dragon (you will receive x2 from the bet);
  • Draw (you will get x11 for a standard draw, and x50 for a suited draw).

The first two betting options are more likely to happen. That is why the winnings are so low. The bet on a draw falls out quite rarely. This may explain such a high multiplier.

Dragon Tiger Game Design

The design of the slot is dominated by black, red, and green shades. Rummy Dragon vs Tiger comes with live dealer controls. A specially trained person distributes cards and reports on the results of the round, winnings, and losses of the participants.

dragon tiger real cash game

The game takes place at an interactive table. The dragon is located on the left side of the table. Dragon bets are marked in red. The tiger is on the right. The bets are in yellow. The Dragon vs Tiger online game has an attractive and moderately bright design. The game is accompanied by a pleasant dealer. Therefore, participants get good emotions from the process.

Tips And Tricks On The Dragon Tiger Game In India

Dragon Tiger game winning tricks are different. Players come up with their strategies based on the experience and knowledge gained. It is important to note that no strategy gives a 100% result. They are designed to control the situation, properly manage personal funds and reduce the risk of losing.

The following popular strategies for playing Dragon Tiger are distinguished:

  • Martingale strategy;
  • Suit strategy;
  • Card counting strategy.

Let’s take a look at each gameplay option. Players will understand the features of each strategy in this way and choose the best option.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is one of the most popular and versatile game models among all Dragon vs Tiger tricks in hindi. It fits almost any slot. The essence of the strategy is to double the bet after each loss. For example, you bet 8 Indian rupees, and the bet is lost. In the next round, you need to bet 16 Indian rupees. Doubling the bet lasts until the winning round. This will allow players to recover lost funds. Players return to the original bet size after winning according to the Martingale strategy.

Experts advise you to start playing with the minimum bet. This will allow you to use the strategy for the longest time possible. You have to consider bankroll sizes.

Suit Strategy

The strategy is to bet on certain suits. You should be careful and be able to count the probable number of remaining cards of each suit. You can bet on black with a high probability of winning, which means that there are few red cards left in the deck.

Card Counting Strategy

This Dragon Tiger formula is popular. This strategy needs to be adapted to the specifics of each version. Sometimes 8 decks of 52 cards are used. The number of decks may be less in other cases.

The essence of the strategy is to count and analyze the retired cards. This knowledge will help you make a favorable bet for the next round and increase your chances of winning.

Why Do Indians Love The Dragon vs Tiger Game

dragon tiger online casino

The Dragon Tiger game from the provider Evolution is popular among players from India and other countries. The slot has received recognition from a huge number of gamers due to the presence of some significant advantages. The main advantages of the Dragon vs Tiger real cash game are as follows:

  • Simple game rules;
  • The return rate is 96.2%;
  • A large range of bets;
  • Nice and attentive dealers;
  • Few betting options;
  • High probability of winning.

Players point out the shortcomings present in the Dragon vs Tiger game real money. The disadvantages include:

  • No demo version of the game;
  • Risk of losing money.

However, all online slots are only available for real bets. Playing Dragon Tiger is profitable and appealing due to the small number of simple rules.

Dragon Tiger vs Baccarat

These two games have many similarities and many differences. Baccarat is a card game in which each player receives two cards. The sum of these cards must be equal or as close as possible to 9. The participant will receive a win if their hand is the strongest.

Dragon Tiger is also a card game. Players have to guess who will get a strong card – a dragon or a tiger. Bets are made based on the assumptions of the players. There are different variations of the Dragon Tiger slot. They may have individual features and differences. They affect the percentage of similarity with Baccarat.

Bonuses In The Dragon Tiger Game

We will take a look at the Dragon vs Tiger 40 bonus. The slot does not have additional bonus features when it comes to playing with a live dealer. Players can receive promotions from online casinos after registering.

Often gambling and entertainment portals offer new customers welcome packages with the possibility of using a bonus in live slots. Thus, you will receive the Dragon vs Tiger Rummy 51 bonus and will be able to launch the game in improved conditions. There are a lot of reliable and proven gambling and entertainment portals in India. They offer a generous rewards program for customers.

However, there are many versions of the Dragon Tiger game. Players have access to drum slots of such software. They come with additional incentives. This way you will get the Dragon vs Tiger 50 bonus. However, it all depends on the chosen version of the game.

How Much Can I Win In Dragon Tiger In India?

You must be a registered customer of an online casino to qualify for rewards in the Dragon Tiger slot. Registration is available only to adult players from India. You can withdraw your Dragon Tiger cash game winnings after verifying your account. Verification proceeds as follows:

  1. You are fully registered at the casino.
  2. Fill in your account with the correct data.
  3. Upload copies of identity documents to your account.
  4. Submit a verification request.

Next, casino employees begin to verify the data in the document with the information.

Dragon Tiger Game Reviews From Real Players In India

You can read Dragon vs Tiger reviews from real players below.

  • Aarav: I love playing Dragon Tiger. I am attracted by simple rules and high chances of winning.
  • Bhavin: I’ve been playing Dragon vs Tiger for a long time. I often use the Martingale strategy. It helps to control the bankroll. I often win with this strategy.
  • Jayesh: Dragon vs Tiger is fun. I like that the game has few rules and betting options. This very much increases the chance of winning.
  • Lakshay: A friend of mine suggested Dragon vs Tiger to me a month ago. I tried this slot and was pleasantly surprised. The game is accompanied by simple rules and good returns.
  • Madhup: I’ve been playing Dragon Tiger for a long time. This slot is fun and does not require a long study of the rules. I use a strategy and get good wins all the time.

How To Start Playing Dragon Tiger?

You can start playing Dragon Tiger like this:

  1. Choose a casino from the list above. We recommend registering at the following casinos: 4RaBet, BilBet, and MostBet.
  2. In the online casino search box, enter the name of the game. This will allow you to quickly find the Dragon Tiger slot.
  3. Complete the registration process at the online casino. Only adults can create an account.
  4. Top up the game balance by choosing a convenient payment system for this process.
  5. Activate the welcome bonus from the online casino.
  6. Launch the Dragon Tiger game and get a win.

Here is a simple sequence of actions that will help you play Dragon Tiger for real bets and get winnings.

Questions & Answers

What are the betting limits in the slot?

The Dragon Tiger slot offers bets ranging from INR 15 to INR 8,000.

What is RTP?

RTP is the return percentage of the slot. Slot machines with high returns are characterized by maximum generosity.

What is the RTP rate in Dragon Tiger?

The Dragon Tiger slot has two RTP rates. For a bet on a draw, this figure is 96.27%, and for bets on a draw – 67.23%.

Are there bonus games in Dragon Tiger?

The Dragon Tiger slot does not offer a bonus game. Free spins are available to gamers. The slot contains special Wild and Scatter symbols, and there is a multiplier.

Can I play Dragon Tiger for money from my phone?

Yes, you can. You can bet on the Dragon Tiger slot through the mobile version of the online casino where you have registered. You can also place bets through the Dragon Tiger app.